The SyBer Collection was developed with the help of Sylvain Bertrand, retired Captain of the Canadian Coast Guard.
Captain Bertrand's experience as a ship commander in some of the coldest hostile environments on the planet has resulted in clothing better suited to workers exposed to the cold.

Sylvain Bertrand has dedicated 39 years to the Canadian Coast Guard. Captain for 30 years, he commanded all of Quebec's ships, mainly the Ice breakers CCGS Pierre Radisson, Amundsen and Des Groseilliers, on journeys between Montreal and the High Arctic.
A Word from the Founder
Even though I have always lived in Canada, a country known for striking winter temperatures, I have never gotten used to the cold. This perhaps explains a little the 35 years I have spent designing materials for protective clothing.

Protection against the cold first but also against bad weather, fire, microbes, and even chemical or nuclear weapons.

Over time, I have endeavoured to integrate sustainable development by favouring plant-based materials and by always trying to avoid products derived from animals.

François Simard,
Gestion Dryad inc.


Design and offer high-performance clothing for the harshest climates.


Compassion for animals
Help improving animal wellbeing and reducing their industrial exploitation.
Avoid duplicating production capacities in favor of synergistic collaborations.
Integrate science into an artistic vision.
Prioritize the production in Canada of clothing and its components.



Sylvain Bertrand, retired Coast Guard captain, collaborates with LM Uniforme on the design of clothing intended for a large-scale test of milkweed insulation in extreme environments.


In the winter of 2017, the Coast Guard is testing clothing with plant-based fiber insulation. Parka liners, coveralls, gloves and mittens have been distributed to Coast Guard sailors across Canada’s coastal territory. The appreciation was unequivocal.


The interruption in milkweed supply forced the Coast Guard to resort to procuring the clothing designed by Captain Bertrand with a replacement synthetic insulation.


Eko-Terre creates the Milkweed division and takes over the plant-based fibre insulation processing operations. The “Soie d’Amérique” industry is reactivated.


Eko-Terre is making milkweed insulation again available under the brand VEGETOTM, an improved version this time fully biodegradable. From January the Coast Guard opts to return to plant-based fiber insulation for its clothing.
Collection SyBer
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